Dental Cleanings

The ultimate goal for our patients is to be on a 6 month recare appointment schedule. At these visits, our hygienist will assess your oral health. During your visit they will remove any hard plaque (calculus/tartar) build up present on your teeth as well as floss and polish them using dental grade polishing paste. At the end of your visit your hygienist will go over their findings and discuss any concerns they have regarding your dental hygiene and health. 

Calculus/tartar build up can be caused by a number of factors including poor oral hygiene practices, dry mouth, certain medications, and health conditions such as diabetes and pregnancy. With the help of a dental hygienist you can see improvement in your oral health by addressing these factors.

Scaling and Root Planning:

There are a few things dental hygienists factor in for gingival health. These include gingival pocketing depths, inflammation and bleeding of the gingival tissue around your teeth as well as any presence of mobility. When you have plaque, calculus/tartar and debris caught in your gingival tissue, the tissue becomes inflamed and irritated, trapping the bacteria below your gumline. This is called gingivitis. If gingivitis goes untreated it can cause the bone to recede away from the area. This is called periodontitis.  This can cause the teeth to become loose and uncomfortable to eat and chew with. Scaling and root planning is a procedure needed for patients who show advance signs of gingivitis and periodontitis. A dental hygienist will dispense dental anesthetic before scaling below the gumline removing calculus/tartar built up. In our office we use both ultrasonic and hand scalers to perform our hygienic procedures.

Fluoride Treatment:

We provide topical dental fluoride treatment in our office. Please ask your hygienist about getting this treatment at your next cleaning in our office!

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